Eligible for a Refund From the Tax Office?

Some Helpful Tips To Speed Up Your Refund Payment…

Sometimes there can be a few issues which delay the processing of refunds for individual or business returns or activity statements.

To speed up the refund process, make sure you check the following:

  • Keep your details updated (i.e. postal address, bank details, and authorised contacts list).
  • Lodge ALL outstanding activity statements. The ATO will not process your refund until they know the extent of your credit.
  • If lodging by Paper, keep your statement clean:
    • · Don’t write extra notes outside the space provided (if you need to add extra information, attach a separate piece of paper).
    • · Don’t use symbols, for example ( ), +, -, or $
    • · Don’t write “nil” or show cents – show whole dollars only.
    • · Don’t double up. If you lodge online and then also send a paper activity statement, this can delay processing.